Case Study


Enhancing Label Application Efficiency for a Leading Food Packaging Company

The Challenge

A major player in the food packaging industry encountered a significant challenge when labels started tearing during the application process following the installation of a new applicator. Seeking a swift and effective resolution, the company enlisted the expertise of AutoMate to identify the root cause and develop a solution that might include a change in label construction or a modification to the application process.

The Solution

AutoMate conducted a thorough on-site assessment to pinpoint the root cause of the label tearing issue which was attributed to misaligned application equipment on the production line. Additionally, the team identified that a change in label liner material could further mitigate the problem.

The Result

The combined effort resulted in a successful resolution of the label tearing problem. The misalignment of the label applicator was rectified and the issue was further mitigated by adopting a label liner with enhanced strength.