Case Study


Improving Label Adhesion in Challenging Frozen Logistics Environment

The Challenge

A North American logistics company specializing in the distribution of frozen goods faced a critical challenge in their labeling process. The company operated in a freezer environment with temperatures plummeting to -40°F, where labels applied to products were consistently falling off during transit on high-speed conveyors across their four-story facilities.

The Solution

The client reached out to AutoMate for a solution. The high-speed conveyors, combined with extreme temperatures, posed a unique challenge as the labels needed to adhere to a wide variety of substrates, including traditional corrugate, coated corrugate, plastic, film, and more. The existing labels were designed exclusively for traditional corrugate. AutoMate conducted an on-site visit to analyze the issue and collaborated with the logistics company to brainstorm viable solutions. The team identified, tested and proposed two adhesive solutions, both designed to provide robust adhesion across different substrates. After rigorous testing, the client opted for one of the proposed solutions.

The Result

The implementation of the selected adhesive solution proved highly successful. The relabeling rate, which was previously in double digits, plummeted to less than 1%. This significant reduction in relabeling not only enhanced operational efficiency but also led to substantial cost savings for the logistics company.