Case Study


Proactive Customer Service – Christmas Eve Emergency for North American Food Manufacturer/Protein Processor

The Challenge

On Christmas Eve, a client faced an unexpected setback that threatened to disrupt their production schedule. A miscount of inventory revealed a shortage of essential tags, crucial for their labeling and packaging processes. Realizing that production could not be restarted as planned after Christmas without an adequate supply of tags, the client urgently needed a solution to prevent a significant disruption to their operations.

The Solution

Upon learning of the client’s predicament, AutoMate acted swiftly to address the emergency. Two dedicated pressmen volunteered to stay late on Christmas Eve, demonstrating an exemplary commitment to customer satisfaction.

The Result

Despite the holiday, AutoMate was able to produce a sufficient quantity of tags to sustain the client’s operations through the new year. A hot shot courier service delivered the tags to the client by 10 pm on Christmas Eve. The efforts of AutoMate allowed the client to successfully restart production as planned the day after Christmas. Another benefit was the collective development of a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program. This program was designed to safeguard the client against future inventory challenges.