Case Study


Rapid Implementation for a Major US Grocer’s Employee and Supplier Temperature Check Badges

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, a major US retailer, designated as an essential business, needed to implement a system to identify employees and suppliers who passed a temperature check before entering their facilities. With over 2,000 locations nationwide, the retailer required a quick and efficient solution that could be deployed within 30 days. They needed a “badge” that would seamlessly integrate with a third-party kiosk, adhere securely to a wide variety of apparel for at least 12 hours, and be removable without causing damage to the clothing.

The Solution

AutoMate collaborated closely with the retailer’s Store Transformation team and a third-party kiosk supplier to develop viable solutions. Understanding the urgency and scale of the project, AutoMate presented multiple badge options and facilitated a comprehensive testing and approval process to ensure the badges met all necessary criteria. This involved close coordination with the retailer’s functional areas to understand their specific needs and address any concerns.

The Result

AutoMate delivered badges within a 30 day time frame to over 2,000 locations nationwide that met the retailer’s requirements. The badges were able to adhere securely to various types of apparel and were able to be removed without causing damage. The team also worked on developing an inventory plan to ensure a steady and continuous supply of badges through the retailer’s distribution centers.