Case Study


Secure and Efficient Tote Labeling in Harsh Environments for a Meat Packing Company

The Challenge

A major player in the meat packing industry required tote labels that could withstand the rigors of processing in a wet and cold environment yet could be easily washed off post-use. This dual requirement presented a complex challenge, and AutoMate Labels was entrusted with finding an adhesive solution that could strike the right balance.

The Solution

AutoMate collaborated closely with adhesive vendors to develop a custom-patterned adhesive specifically tailored to the client’s needs. The aim was to create an adhesive that would securely adhere to totes during processing, ensuring labels remained intact in challenging environments, yet would facilitate easy removal with washing after use.

The Result

The result was a bespoke adhesive solution that met all the client’s requirements. The implementation of this custom adhesive led to more efficient operations at the customer’s production sites, streamlining the labeling process in challenging conditions.