Label Solutions for Every Purpose.

Whatever label you need, whether it be a prime label or packaging for a consumer product, a floor label that needs to withstand all-day traffic, or variable data printing for operational efficiency, we have a solution for you.


Whatever your label needs may be, we can help.

At AutoMate, we’ve earned our customers’ trust by consistently delivering high-quality products on time, every time. Our commitment to excellence is ingrained in our values and service culture. Our customers trust us with their most critical and challenging projects because we deliver.

Printing Capabilities

10 color flexographic
Digital CMYK+OVW
Adhesive print
Patterned/Spot adhesive
Liner print
Dual construction

Finishing Capabilities

Cold foil
Custom die cutting
Shrink wrapping

Prime Labels & Packaging

Prime labels are an extension of your marketing strategy and ensure your product stands out from the competition. Surveys show that 32% of customers will reject a product when they don’t like the label or packaging. Let high quality prime labels from AutoMate tell your brand story and drive sales to new heights. With ten-color flexographic print capability along with digital printing our experienced team can deliver the highest quality prime labels, packaging, tags, inserts, pouches and shrink sleeves with multiple finishing options.

Merchandise Labels & Tags

Promotional and pricing labels are key to moving product and communicating clearly with customers. AutoMate’s merchandise labels include standard labels, inserts, produce labels, instant redeemable coupon labels, shelf labels, hang tags, bands and more.

Variable Data Print / Barcode Labels

Drive warehouse efficiency and track products seamlessly across the supply chain by labeling products with identifying numbers and text, including barcodes, QR codes and consecutive numbers.

RFID Labels

Track inventory and product movement in real time, reduce errors in data capture and improve supply chain management with RFID labels and tags.

Multi-ply Labels

Extend the content of labels and add important consumer information such as contents, recipes, coupons, special offers and more.  RFID Labels – Enable asset tracking and inventory management with embedded RFID labels and tags, available in prime or blank formats.

Shipping Labels

Shipping labels play a crucial role in guaranteeing precise delivery and secure handling during transit. AutoMate creates custom shipping labels that convey safe handling instructions, contents, warnings, and destination details for packages and pallets. These labels are designed to meet manufacturer specifications and are adaptable to various temperature ranges and environmental conditions.

Warehouse Labels

Warehouse labels drive time savings and operational efficiency. Tailored for application on floors, racks, products, cases, and pallets, these warehouse labels are designed to meet manufacturer specifications and help manage inventory and optimize warehouse operations.

Print-On-Demand / Blank Labels

Blank labels are a key element of operations. AutoMate makes direct thermal and thermal transfer stock labels and flood coated labels to your specifications. Our custom blank labels support direct, transfer, impact, continuous form and pin-fed label applicators and printers, with face stock and adhesive options for difficult environments, including wet, cold and high temperature.

Security & Tamper Evident

Tamper-evident labels can be important for preserving product authenticity and showing evidence of unauthorized entry. AutoMate can produce a variety of tamper-evident labels that cannot be removed or reapplied.

Durable and Harsh Environment Labels

Label durability is crucially important when communicating important information. AutoMate can deliver labels specific to your environment conditions, designed to resist wet, cold and high temperatures, chemical exposure, sunlight/UV exposure, high-traffic and abrasion without degrading or loss of adhesion. Utilizing specialty materials, adhesives and top coatings, our experts can design a solution that suits the condition, handling and expected use of your label.

Receipt Tape / Thermal Paper Rolls

AutoMate offers a complete line of BPA-Free and Phenol-Free Thermal Receipt Rolls, as well as Bond and Carbonless Receipt Rolls. Our Receipt Rolls are compatible with most POS systems, mobile printers, and kiosks. We can also Custom Print on any Thermal Paper Roll, up to 4 colors, including magazine quality 4-Color Process printing.

The Digital-Hybrid Advantage​

Competitive pricing, shorter lead times and great quality images allow new options for prime labels, variable data printing (text and image), prototyping, seasonal and promotional packaging, and efficient production of families of labels. Utilize hybrid digital-flexographic printing as volumes grow to combine the advantages of digital and flexographic printing to execute high volume variable data.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Sustainable solutions are in demand as both business and customers become more environmentally conscious. AutoMate can print eco-friendly labels on stock made from renewable or recycled sources, and deliver labels and adhesives that are fully biodegradable and compostable. FSC-certified stock (Forest Stewardship Council) is available. Sustainable options include: Recyclable, Compostable, Dissolvable, Linerless, FSC Certified materials, Zippered Shrink Sleeves, BPA-free, and Phenol-free paper.