Case Study


Co-branded Marketing Success for Advertising Agency and a Global Food Manufacturer

The Challenge

An advertising agency was looking for help with a summertime grilling campaign for a Global Food Manufacturer looking to increase sales of sliced cheese. The goal was to create an offer that would incentivize shoppers to purchase both cheese slices and ground beef across various nationwide grocery store banners.

The Solution

Automate created 27 versions of prime labels, featuring both single and multi-ply Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRCs). Each label included a grilling recipe and a $1 off coupon for the cheese slices. These labels were strategically placed on-pack at five different protein processors spanning a total of 15 production facilities.

The Result

Result: AutoMate efficiently managed the manufacturing and distribution of the IRCs, collaborating seamlessly with multiple stakeholders involved in the campaign. The team ensured that the labels were implemented on time across the designated production facilities. There were no issues with IRC redemption and the sales lift target was exceeded by 5% as the result of the campaign.