Case Study


Optimizing Labeling for Automated Warehouse Equipment for a Food Manufacturer

The Challenge

A leading global food manufacturing company recently implemented a new ERP system which required a new label size. An unforeseen challenge arose during the robotics distribution process when the arms started hitting the labels and peeling them off resulting in a significant rise in the rework rate from 15% to over 45%. The removal of labels jeopardized product identification and traceability, prompting the need for a more robust adhesive solution.

The Solution

AutoMate label experts engaged in a comprehensive search, exploring various suppliers to balance both price and performance. Rigorous testing of potential adhesive solutions was conducted in collaboration with the client’s manufacturing plants to ensure the chosen adhesive met the specific requirements.

The Result

AutoMate’s supplier exploration and testing ensured the client found an adhesive that met performance needs without exceeding their budget and rework rates fell to less than 15% of the original rate.