Case Study


Streamlining Retail Returns with Custom Dual Construction Labels for a Large Distributor

The Challenge

A prominent distributor and handler of retail returns for a major electronics manufacturer faced a unique challenge in optimizing their return process. The requirement was to include a return label that could be auto-applied and easily identified by the end customer. The challenge was to find a combination of materials that not only facilitated clean label release for easy returns but also ensured the durability and protection of the printing on the return label.

The Solution

AutoMate was tasked with developing a custom dual construction label that could be applied under the shipping label. AutoMate label experts searched various suppliers, considering both price and performance factors. The team conducted rigorous testing to ensure the custom combination of labels met the client’s specific requirements and would seamlessly integrate into their existing warehouse processes.

The Result

The collaboration resulted in a tailored dual construction label that met all the client’s criteria. The clean-release adhesive allowed for easy peeling of the outer shipping label to reveal the pre-applied return label simplifying the return process for customers.